Secure Your Financial Future, Your Legal Rights


                    & Your Personal Identity


Phoenix Rising Marketing Group, LLC represents some of the most important areas of your personal life, that of your family and even your business:

  • We provide the means for you to have complete peace of mind with personal, family and business protection and legal advice at a price that ANYONE can afford.  No more worrying about the high cost of attorney’s fees or waiting and waiting for them to call you back.
  • We protect you with the top international security company in the world that is ever vigilant against those who would steal your identity. 24/7-365 they monitor everything, including the credit agencies, social media, forums and chat rooms where thieves trade & sell your information.  Kroll, Inc. protects your identity and your accounts alerting you the moment that changes occur.
  • We provide business owners with the consulting and support services that take the burden of fighting the daily profit battle and give you the advantage by putting a team of successful, experienced advisers and support facilities behind you every step of the way.
  • We provide a software program that acts like a financial GPS to help you eliminate debt and better manage your finances using the same techniques that the banks have been using for years and are now available to you.


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