The PPACA (“Obamacare”) is law and you have to deal with it.  However, you don’t have to deal with it alone.  Entrepreneurs, small business owners and their employees and other individuals are confronted with health, legal & ID theft issues on a daily basis.  They don’t have to face them alone.  Phoenix Rising Benefits Group is an independent representative of several of the most prominent companies in their fields:

  • LegalShield, a 40+ year old company that has been giving people back their rights for decades which have been priced out of their reach. We provide the means for you to have complete peace of mind with personal, family and business protection  legal advice at a price that ANYONE can afford.  No more worrying about the high cost of attorney’s fees or waiting and waiting for them to call you back.
  • Kroll Advisory Solutions, another 40+ year old company that is the top risk management company in the world.  24/7-365 they monitor everything, including the credit agencies, social media, forums and chat rooms where hackers trade & sell your information.  Kroll, Inc. protects your identity and your accounts; alerting you the moment that changes occur.





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